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We test and treat most psychiatric and psychological conditions. By focusing on your symptoms we provide insight and information critical to making a diagnosis. Psychological testing can document symptoms and monitor their progress.

  • Anxiety Disorders

    • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Panic Disorder,  Adjustment Disorders and Phobias​

  • Mood Disorders

    • ​Depression,

    • Bipolar Disorder (Manic Depression)

    • Post-Partum Depression

  • Disorders

    • Sleeping Disorders

    • Personality disorders

    • Psychosis and schizophrenia ​

At UCS we can test the state of a patient's cognition, i.e.: memory and executive functioning.  Psychological testing can help diagnose depression and/or dementia in the elderly patient. Depression in the elderly is often overlooked and untreated.  Sometimes it is ignored as if it were a “normal” part of aging.  Depression can closely resemble dementia in the elderly and can produce a syndrome known as “pseudodementia.”  

Symptoms of depression in the elderly can masquerade as somatic complaints of stomach ache, lethargy and just "not feeling well."  Cognitive deficits include: forgetfulness, problems word-finding, getting lost, misplacing objects and others.

Sometimes new parents experience psychological symptoms that are more serious than simply the "baby blues." We offer a group psychotherapy program, run by a licensed maternal wellness expert, for new parents with symptoms of post-partum depression.  We provide a lactation consultant, nurse practitioner, as well as an acupuncturist.  Individual therapy is available as would be a medication consultation if warranted.

The Pre-Pro Institute for Sports Psychology (PPI) was envisioned to evaluate athletes for psychological symptoms and possible barriers that may impede well-being and peak performance.


  • Overcome psychological barriers to boost performance

  • Emotionally prepare amateur athletes for the next level 

  • Multi-disciplinary treatment plans for

    • Mental Health, anxiety, sleep disorders

    • Return to sport from physical and emotional injuries

    • Stress

    • Substance Use Disorders

    • Gambling problems

    • Adjustment Disorders

  • Counseling on media, finances, and nutrition 

  • Treatments may include psychotherapy, counseling, medications, acupuncture and/or cupping. 


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