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Dr. Maxwell Rappoport

Dr. Maxwell Rappoport  PhD

Psychologist | Performance Specialist

Dr. Maxwell Rappoport is a licensed clinical psychologist (PSY 29385) based in Los Angeles. His primary areas of interest are in athlete mental health, performance psychology, affective disorders, relationship and family concerns, and substance use disorders. Dr. Rappoport is  driven by providing holistic support to athletes and clients in order to facilitate overall wellness, hardiness, and cognitive flexibility to adapt to internal and environmental stressors that seek to undermine peak performance and balance. Dr. Rappoport's approach is informed by cognitive-behavioral and psycho-dynamic perspectives, with rational-emotive insights and a foundation in mindfulness meditation. 

Dr. Rappoport attended Palo Alto University for his graduate studies. During that time he worked in

mental health settings including community clinics, homeless shelters, residential programs, hospitals, and inpatient units. Expanding on his clinical training, he sought internship and post-doctoral work at Tarzana Treatment Centers, a dual diagnosis behavioral health center which treats substance use disorders and severe mental illness. Presently, Dr. Rappoport works with young adult populations with particular focus given to sports psychology for the intercollegiate athlete, anxiety disorders, and dual diagnosis. Dr. Rappoport's interest in sports and performance psychology began with his own athletic career in high school sports and club sports in college, and expanded as he began treating NCAA athletes to help maximize mental and physical congruence.

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