Dr. Alex Melkumian, PhD.

Top Licensed Psychologist


Dr. Alex Melkumian is our most experienced Psychologist. His diverse skillset accumulated from 15 years of dedicated training and research in: • Psychotherapy - Psychological methods to help improve behavior, diagnose disorders, and overcome problems such as depression, anxiety, emotional issues, and more. • Sports Psychology (Performance & Mental Coaching) - Work with athletes, coaches, and teams to develop performance-based mental skills, overcome anxiety, recover mentally from injury, teamwork skills, and more. • Marriage & Family Therapy - Improve communication and resolve conflicts with loved ones. • Financial Therapy - Finance meets Therapy. Techniques to cope with financial stress; make logical monetary decisions; and deal with financial issues you may face. • Life Coaching - Adjusting your lifestyle can make you happier. Maximize your potential. Get on track to reach your goals in life. Dr. Melkumian has worked with populations ranging from chronically acute & dually diagnosed patients to highly motivated individuals & athletes committed to self-improvement. He is an author & public speaker who works to bring people harmony and ease in their lives, no matter what the issue.

  • 45 minutes
  • 229 US dollars
  • Online Session