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  • Prescribing Psychiatrists

    • Work with top prescribing psychiatrists online.

    • Treatment for all Psychiatric Issues

    • Manage Prescriptions & Refills

    • Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, OCD, Panic, Sleep, & Adjustment Disorders

    • Substance Use Recovery

    • Access to Higher Level Care

  • Psychologists

    • Work with top psychologists online.

    • Treatment for anxiety, depression, disorders, PTSD, and all psychological issues​.

    • Financial Psychology

    • Stress Mental Health Management

    • Maternal Wellness (postpartum depression)

  • Online

    • Access your session directly on your phone/computer.

    • Easy access anywhere

    • Secure access with our telehealth app.

    • Same top-quality care

    • Easy scheduling

    • Available Nationwide

  • Teletherapy & Counsel

    • Financial Counseling

    • Nutritional Guidance

    • Relationship/Family Counseling

    • Maternal Wellness

    • Life Coaching

    • Acupuncture

    • EMDR

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Dr. Clifford Feldman

MD  |  JD |  MFS  |  Psychiatrist  |  Medical Director

Dr. Feldman has 25 years of experience as a board-certified psychiatrist and is a lawyer, professor at Keck/USC School of Medicine, clinical researcher, and medical director at 5 locations. The lack of mental health services available to athletes inspired him to start the Pre-Pro Institute for Sports Psychology. “Our mission is to make mental health services available to athletes by providing specialties like Sports & Performance Psychology. We want to end the stigma so that more athletes can experience the mental and physical benefits of Sports Psychology.”


Psychologist | Performance Specialist

As a member of the Association for Applied Sports Psychology, Dr. Smith empowers athletes to enhance their lives through increased self-awareness and relational support with regard to teammates, coaches, media, family and peers. 


Psychologist | Performance Specialist

Dr. Rappoport is  driven by providing holistic support to athletes and clients in order to facilitate overall wellness, hardiness, and cognitive flexibility to adapt to internal and environmental stressors that seek to undermine peak performance and balance. 


Financial Psychotherapist

Dr Melkumian is a pioneer in the field of Financial Psychology who founded the Financial Psychology Center in Los Angeles, California. As a practicing clinician for the past 15 years, Dr Melkumian is excited to apply his expertise to athletic well being and performance.

  • J. Verder

    "Telemedicine is a breakthrough for mental health specialists. It's much more comfortable to speak to my psychologist from my own home."

  • D. Karmen

    "I can truly say the support, insight, and tools my son received has been invaluable. There has been a tremendous boost in his ability to manage school and the high demands of playing football and maintaining life..."

  • E. Jacobs

    "As an athlete, the improvement to my mental health has translated to every aspect of my life, including my performance on the court. The professional resources at UCS were essential for me to reach my full potential."


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